Ty-Cord® Strap AAR Grade 4

  • 6 coils per box
  • Applications up to 3,285lbs/bs (14,620)N
  • Width of strap: 1-1/4″ (32mm)
  • Diameter of coil: 15 3/8 (415mm)
  • Length per coil: 500′ (152m)
  • Bonded cord strapping for cargo securement, open top railcars, unitizing and replacing steel banding
  • Load securement cargo strapping systems
  • AAR approved strapping
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STRONG: Whether you’re strapping pallets, drums, machinery, crates, or boxes, Ty-Cord® is the ideal solution.
SAFE: Easy and hazard free disposal. It is totally user friendly.
FLEXIBLE: Conforms to any size or shape with shock absorbing strength.
WEATHER RESISTANT: Ty-Cord® is not affected by cold, heat, or high humidity.

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Weight 58 lbs


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