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Southern Bracing Systems

Southern Bracing Systems, the World's Leading Cargo Securement Company

Founded in 1987 in Rome, Georgia, Southern Bracing Systems combines the science of cargo securement with the close personal relationships of a family business. This unique formula for shipping success produces advanced load securement equipment and load restraint products for rail, sea, and OTR trucking that have transformed the industry, saving billions of dollars in freight loss and damage.

Our proven track record has made Southern Bracing Systems the most trusted name in the industry. All our load restraint products are made with pride in the USA and tested and approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR):

  • Ty-Gard 2000® & Ty-Gard Double Strength

    The industry standard for the safe transportation of hazardous and dangerous materials

  • Ty-Cord® Strapping

    Bonded and woven polyester strapping for unitizing, boxcar securement, and open-top railcar use

  • Honeycomb

    Absorbs virtually any type of impact when used as cargo bracing, packaging products, or shipment separators

  • Air Dunnage Bags

    An outstanding load-stabilizing capacity that withstands pressure and resists load shifting

  • Rubber Matting

    Eliminates nail damage and decreases sudden impact movement

  • Drop-In Void Fillers

    Secures critical voids without adding weight to the load SBS also works closely with the regulatory industry to prevent shipment delays or environmental issues caused by improper blocking and bracing.